Today there are numerous kinds of gemstones available in the market. According to astrology, these gemstones are ruled by the planets in our solar systems; this means every gemstone is ruled by a specific planet. For example, ruby is ruled by the sun, the pearl is ruled by the moon, and many more. Due to their ruler planets, these gemstones exhibit certain qualities. Most of these gemstones are worn by people to get their benefits. It is believed that, if worn in the right way, these gemstones can provide good health, wealth, success, and many other things. If you are interested in buying natural gemstones, then it is important to know that before buying any gemstone, one must check its quality, which can be determined by checking the certification of the gem.

It is believed that these gemstones can protect you from the wrath of their ruling planets, for example, ruby can protect from the anger of the sun. In the early days, only the kings and other important people could wear gemstones, but now everyone can wear them, which is why their popularity has been increased. Due to this popularity, some sellers are selling fake gemstones to earn money, which is why it has become very important for the buyer to be careful. It is crucial to see the certification from the government before buying a gemstone because it proves that the gems are real. Only choose the sellers who have the government certification so that you can save yourself from fraud.

If you are still confused about which gemstone to buy, then here are a few gemstones with their astrological significance:

  • Ruby (Mankya): ruby is the gemstone that is ruled by the sun. This gem is perfect for the people who are seeking high and honourable social esteem. This gem can make the wearer smart, active, and free from any sigh-related illnesses. This gem gives you good health, wealth, prosperity, and honour.
  • Pearl (Moti): The pearl is ruled by the moon. It is believed that the people who wear pearls become self-confident and mentally stable and sharp. This gemstone is known to reduce stomach problems, stress, marital problems, and many more. The effect of this gemstone on the heart and mind is excellent.
  • Emerald (Panna): emerald is ruled by Mercury. This gemstone is known to keep the nervous system and the digestive system in good condition. It is believed that the person who wears emerald has good control over his/her vocal cord, tongue, and nervous system.
  • Diamond (Heera): diamond is ruled by Venus. Diamond is one of the most precious gemstones, and it provides the wearer with excellent qualities. It is seen that a person who wears diamond approaches the problems in life wisely and logically. The person is mature and wise in relationships.

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